Kevin Livering

Kevin works as a Business Unit Leader of General Factory Operations for the Hershey Company at the Reese's Plant. 

"In life, we encounter many 'acquaintances,' but seldom have the opportunity to have a 'true' friend. Jim was a true friend. Although Jim and I went to high school together, our friendship grew and blossomed from the many hours we spent working out together at several local gyms. Jim and I were both avid weight trainers. In addition to the gym time, Jim and I spent countless nights with the 'exclusive' boys club blowing off steam, laughing and just having a good time. (Oh yeah….and taking down trees! That is another story! Lol!) No matter when I needed a friend, Jim was always there for me. During my last visit with Jim, he asked for a favor. As he lay in bed knowing that his end was near, he wanted me to help ensure that his legacy lived on. He stated that he wanted to provide young law enforcement officers with the ability to complete their required training and provide them with the opportunity to fulfill the dream that he had as a child before he became a State Trooper. Of course, I was more than willing to help him fulfill his dream. This is the reason I am part of this foundation. Jim was an amazing friend, husband, father and a loyal servant to his community. I respect Jim like no other and I miss his deeply. Jim’s heart and spirit will live on through the generosity of this foundation.